The Retreat Costa Rica

A few minutes only from SJO Airport, a whirling road leads us through beautiful green hills charged with prana. At a curve we turn to the right where we find a discret entrance. The road is clean and steep. We embrace a sense of peace as we enter the vortex of The Retreat on the crystal mountain. 

A beautiful white boutique hotel appears in the heart of the green forest. The people welcome us warmly. They have been waiting for me and surprise me with a beautiful sensation of a welcome home. I feel at ease and enjoy the peaceful environment. 

When they guide me to my room delightful smells from the trees and colorful flowers embellish the trail. 

The room is filled with natural light, sparkling clean, a unique style combining natural colors, stones and a beautiful painting created by founder Diana Stobo herself. Her creation adds beauty and depth within the space. I find a refreshing herbal water with fresh rosemary on the table and a welcoming personal note presenting my inspiring itinerary. 

Seated on the balcony I am mesmerized by the view on the scenery of expansive hills still in their original natural state. We find the ocean on the horizon. A profound sensation of relaxation moves through my body and mind. Feeling an overwhelming sensation that makes me deepen the breath. My body releases stress as if I was receiving a massage simply through the senses of sight, smells and sounds. 

When time comes for the meal, I am invited to discover the kitchen to meet the chef and the cooks who introduce themselves and remember clearly what have been my special requests for my diet. They offer classes to learn how to prepare healthy meals with their delightful recipes. The restaurant “Boca Dulce” offers a peaceful nurturing ambiance where to share our meals. 

As we enter the dining room, some other guests welcome me and invite me to join them at their table. A sense of community is present where everybody feel comfortable to share their experiences. It was a group with four women. Everyone came on their own and created beautiful friendship at The Retreat. 

One came for a detox and healing program. Another one came for a wellness program. And another new friend came to discovery Costa Rica while making sure that she would be staying at a safe environment as a woman traveling on her own. They all got together sharing meals and these bonding connections enriched the experiences during their stay. 

The lunch is served with a presentation of fresh fruits and vegetable juices in refreshing green, purple, and orange colors. A variety of choices to explore the tastes of organic local food. We find the garden on the side of the dining area. The closest it can be for a “farm to table” experiences. 

We receive the meal beautifully presented and prepared with love. The cook educates us about the ingredients and properties. We all explore new tastes and combinations. All of them being delightful and nurturing. And the desserts are so delicious. 

We can choose from a great variety of teas to support the digestion and complete our meal experience with ease. 

One and a half hour after the meal my body is ready to receive a profound Ayurvedic treatment “Abhyanga” ( with Dr. Vinod. I first go into the steambath which is located into the brand new SPA. After 15 minutes of relaxation the Dr. comes to guide me into the Ayurveda treatment room. 

A peaceful area with a wood table carved beautifully with healing symbologies. He introduces me to the three different kind of oils he will use during the session. 

We initiate the ceremony chanting a healing mantra together, opening the energy and the connection for healing. 

The treatment is gentle and profound. My body fully surrender to the healing touch, receiving the properties of the oils and the ghee on my skin. He activates the five winds for an integrative release of any stress stored in the emotional memory and physical cells of my body. 

After two hours of harmonious experience we complete the session with a mantra to close the ceremony. 

I drink some herbal water and go back to the steambath for another fifteen minutes. The walk to my room feels as if I was walking on a cloud, with a peaceful mind and rested yet energized body. 

We all meet again at the restaurant in the evening to share our experiences of the day around another delightful meal. Sharing together tastes and smells awakens our senses and inspires our conversations. 

At sunrise, I offer a guided Vortex Meditation near the Yoga Room. The connection with nature supports a harmonious and profound experience balancing all five bodies. One of the participant shared how profound was her experience when we opened the gate of the West, the water element. It was as if a door opened in my heart as you mentioned “opening the portal for healthy nurturing relations”. She embrace a loving sensation and openness in the following days. 

Our senses open day by day as we tune deeper and deeper in a natural organic rhythm of life. 

Through my experience at The Retreat, I noticed a harmonious integration of all five elements and a balancing of all five senses. The soul of the space and programs is focused on Ayurveda and Detox. We embrace the purity of those programs being delivered with authenticity and from the heart. 

In Gratitude to Diana Stobo for channeling the divine feminine creative energy with so much love and dedication as founder of The Retreat. 

We invite you to experience a beautiful one-week Journey May 31 to June 6th 2020: Navigating Life Transitions with grace, happiness and mindfulness. ~ Contact us for more information.

Paz y Luz, 

Christelle Chopard (Amarun)

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