What are the fundamental steps in a dharmic journey?

It is helpful to be aware of the relationship between the Elements in our lives. Present situations or stories may inhibit the flow of energy which can create stress. Using the cycle through the Elements, it is possible to observe where there may be a resistance in the flow and create the opportunity for liberation through awareness. It can be applied internally to empower an intention in the Five Elements as well as externally to bring an idea or project into manifestation.

What the five key steps in the Cycle of Evolution to transcend karmic cycle or behavioral patterns and to move into a dharmic journey?

These are the steps to follow on your own true and abundant path.

Step 1 – Identify any resistance or stress in your personal flow

Step 2 – Observe the reaction

Step 3 – Align an intention or awaken the gift with the Elements

Step 4 – Embody a new role and see how it resonates in your life

Step 5 – Integrate a new perspective to move forward with abundance and grace.

The mediations are useful because they shed light on the balance between the elements of Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Ether

How can this level of Consciousness support my evolution?

You are able to release blockages with mindfulness, and investigate your inner state at any time to listen to the messages. It can be used as a tool to bring ideas to manifestation by passing them through the Elements with creativity and consideration of each step

How does the Pathway benefit and support people’s self or professional development?

When people become aware of their life’s flow they are able to navigate the waves (of change) and surrender to what is. The cycle supports people to lasso an idea or inspiration and bring it down for manifestation. We can make something happen with whatever resources are available to us in order to transform our situation. With a greater understanding of this cycle, we have a clear structure to follow as we are guided to channel our efforts and intention.

The internal transition is where it counts. The DHARMI Method addresses the vicious cycles in life which stem from core beliefs that act as an attractant to unwelcome situations or unhealthy responses.

We can learn from the journey we take armed with the DHARMI Method, to act from a space of unconditional surrender, without expectation of return. When we act from a space of love, we experience love. When we are proactive and create a beautiful perspective, we see and experience life from that point of reference.

When we approach life with a clear intention and honor healthy values, a natural selection begins to happen around us. We may see opportunities that we didn’t see before. We may contain and direct ourselves with mindfulness instead of rushing into familiar conflicts or stressful conditions that activate a specific pattern.

You invite a healthy response and clarifying influence to support your external manifestations. This reflects the decision to take your own responsibility for your life and distance yourself from a victim role within yourself, your community, and the world at large.

Who benefits from such a clear Dharmic Guidance along their paths?

This practice requires dedication and attention. It is a perfect fit for seekers, entrepreneurs, nature lovers, leaders, and for people who want to make a difference in their life and the life of others.

It helps to release obstacles, clarify the steps when you just don’t know how to, or you feel stuck. It supports healing and boosts confidence in following your own true path and accessing your own unique gifts. It provides clear tools to develop your potential and gifts with clarity and positive intention.

Christelle Chopard

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