Guidance along your Journey

Whether you are passing through a personal, relationship or professional transition, we are here to facilitate your journey.  We offer a guidance supporting healing and psycho-emotional balance. The intention is to release obstacles and to rekindle the neuro-pathways for your wellbeing, vitality and creativity.  We facilitate your alignment and the process of manifestation of your highest inspirations. This unique and proven methodology is based on the five elements and maps of orientations leading you to success, balance and happiness.



Yoga Classes & Teacher Training

Weekly Yoga Classes online based on the 5 elements and moon cycles

En Francais: lundis a 19h et jeudis a 18h30 (suisse)

In English: Wednesdays at 9h15am and Saturdays at 9AM (EST)

Yoga Teacher Training – RYT-200

Available in French and in English

January to July 2022


5 Elements - Vortex Immersion Meditation

Vortex Meditation


A 28 days immersion with daily classes online: meditation, teachings based on the 5 elements for healing and wellbeing

11 Decembre 2021 au 7 Janvier 2022


Life coaching

certification training

Life Coaching 

This 2-month life coaching unique methodology includes specifics Maps and tools based on the five elements, ancestral wisdom, neuro-science and innovative coaching principles to guarantee a clear and holistic support.

Description coaching de vie en Francais 


“It is because of this PTSD that Iza felt she needed to reconnect with a healer she met last year named Christelle Chopard, an Expert Consultant for Life Transitions and Project Development. It’s Christelle’s mission to support people in their journey of healing, awakening and manifestation. Through her help, Iza was relieved of the guilt she felt towards her mom’s demise some 18 years ago. A message that was sent to her through a dragonfly, which is viewed as a messenger in healing communities, made her realize that even after all these years, her mom is still watching over her. Christelle told Iza then, “You know, sometimes it’s just their time. It has nothing to do with you and you shouldn’t blame yourself.”

And now, after surviving a life and death situation, while her heart is brimming with gratefulness, an amount of guilt is trying to make its way into her system as well. Christelle helped her process her feelings about survivor’s guilt—because she survived, Iza was pressured to make her life count. And she must, but this strong will to live must come from a place of love and light and neither burdened by nor tinged with guilt and pressure.

Instead of vibrating the frequency of guilt, what she chooses to focus on is the vibration of love and connection, “fortifying the messaging of how relationships matter, human to human connection, kindness, empathy, compassion, and all that’s good in the world.”  Iza Calzado, actrice Philippines
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“Creating effortless calm, balance and harmony”,

Creating effortless calm, balance, and harmony in one’s life are just a few of the benefits of the Dharmi Method. The 28 day immersion re-enforces these ideas through a thoughtful exploration of the five elements; integrating meditation, conversation, creativity, and observation in sync with the lunar cycle. When my life feels chaotic or out of control, I reach to the elements to renew a sense of grounding and peace, gaining control over my thoughts and actions in order to feel whole or complete.  Lynda Greig, art collector and philanthropist

It has been an enlightening journey, DHARMI® Immersion - Professional Transition

You won’t get freedom and joy at the end. each step has to be in the frequency of joy and freedom. It has been enlightening journey – changes in my mindfulness in new ways, it has been emotional – when mindful of challenges I practiced forgiveness and became more aware of the process. I staid to see things trying to manifest the way I dreamed it to be. Also my overall enjoyment in an everyday basis brought a shift and opened new opportunities. And after this insightful experience with Christelle Chopard I found the way to open my own independent business.” Jackie Roby, founder of  inspired journey consulting

It brought a mindset that is stable and clear,

The meditations and teachings were very powerful to help me navigate through a profound transition in my life. The interaction and connection with the group made me feel strong, safe and supported. It brought a mindset that is stable and clear. I am grateful for this experience that has been so grounding. It is also an easy and inspiring practice. Megan Murphy


Breathe - Move - Flow - Embody - Be
This unique coaching modality is based on the elements of nature. It is a step by step guidance to harmonise the inner ecology and the relationship with our environment.


Earth Element


Water Element


Fire Element


Air Element


Ether Element

Immerse yourself



A co-creation of 5 Elements Essential Oils formulated by Nelly Grosjean, Biossentiel, inspired by Christelle Chopard, DHARMI® Method.
5 Elements Spray used in spaces, and 5 Elements biosynergy (BBS) that can be used internally and in friction for balance and wellbeing.

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Malas & Visualization Cards

A Mala is a string of prayer beads that supports the integration of the frequency of a mantra, an affirmation or intention.
We offer five malas with specific properties based on each of the five dharmic elements.
Visualization Cards of the Vortex of Energy and the Five Elements support balance and wellbeing for yourself, and magnetize your space.

Books Products


A trilogy is available on Amazon offering practical tools to navigate life transitions based on the five elements and ancestral wisdom. A Journey of healing, self-discovery and manifestation.

Teachings self-study


A trilogy is available on Amazon offering practical tools to navigate life transitions based on the five elements and ancestral wisdom. A Journey of healing, self-discovery and manifestation.

Online Courses

A series of online courses are available on PacaOM:
– Five elements for well-being and happiness
– GPS for your life
– Key elements for conscious communication

Articles, blog

Providing a basic understanding on how to integrate the DHARMI Method for wellbeing and to balance relationships.
Just Breathe Magazine publishes article monthly written by Christelle Chopard, founder of the DHARMI® Method.
You can also find blogs and insights directly on our website.

What Our Clients Say About Us?

I found peace in the mouvement,

“I began My 1st Elemental Journey right after Hurricane Irma turned my world upside down in 2017. Accessing the Vortex of energy through The Elemental Meditation Spoke to Me on All Levels. I was So Very Out of Balance. I found Peace in the Movement’s, Balance in Intuitive Sparks of Light and I’ve learned that My Roots are Far Deeper than I Knew.

I’m about to Embark on My 3rd Journey and I’m Excited to Meet the Tribe Members That Will Join Together, Trust Walking and Whom Share A Fresh View, New Perspective and Trust in More that What We’ve Learned So Far.” Natalie Smith, Realestate broker Florida Keys


Primero que todo quería darte las gracias por darme la oportunidad de participar en las practicas privadas y lograr comprender y conectarme mas con mi ser mediante la meditación vortex.
Personalmente mis avances fueron : le coloque fecha a mi  segundo examen para revalidar mi carrera aquí como dentista, logre poner sanos limites en mis relaciones, también cree nuevos nexos afianzados desde el amor, me dieron mis papeles de estabilidad aca en los eeuu (donde ante la cita fui en sintonía con mi meditación) y descubrí nuevas estrategias de aprendizaje basadas en mi auto conocimiento.

Aura Reyes, Facilitator,

“- I’m so happy with this practice, I could feel myself just connected to everything and it was majorly thanks to our meditation before and connection.
– I feel so empowered to continue my learning and absorbing the knowledge of everything around me and within me.
– I felt the trees, the water, the air and the fire inside of me and flowing with me as I gave the practice.
– I felt a smile inside and a voice telling me “ keep shining” and is your voice Christelle, thank you for this opportunity and for believing in me and showing me I could believe in me too.
-All the participants shared their insights at the completion of their experiences. One of them felt a physical release from a tension that he had felt for a few days already. It is inspiring to notice how this practice releases stress at all levels in a harmonious way.” Aura Reyes

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