We offer private consultations online and in person, lectures and seminars for holistic stress management.

The DHARMI Method Practitioners guide you through and give you tools to manage stress based on the five elements. This approach takes in consideration mindfulness, motivations, relationships, resources and overall well-being for yourself, your family or your company.

We also offer private and group yoga and meditation classes.

Christelle Chopard,author, speaker and expert in stress management. She is the founder of the DHARMI Method. She is a holistic consultant, healer, yoga and qigong instructor, and handwriting expert.

Our Services are provided in French, English and Spanish. So far, licensed DHARMI Practitioners are located in Florida, in Texas (USA), in Switzerland and in Australia.



Trilogy – Three Books written by Christelle Chopard

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Whether you have a project, a resort, spa, retreat center, business or organization_ An integrative program to promote healthy balanced lifestyle and activities is becoming a priority. It supports people to manage the high level of stress that they experience daily: on the physical, emotional, professional, social aspects.

Christelle Chopard can help you develop or add value to your holistic and wellness programs. The programs are developed in alignment with your vision and intention.

The strategy is based on the Five Elements, which takes in consideration: mindfulness, confidence, emotional balance, wellness-physical health and integrity. From another perspective, it takes in consideration: cultural aspect, motivations, relationships, environment and vision.

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Books:  A trilogy presenting the three main pathways in the Map.

Essential Oils: Blends of the Five Elements DHARMI Blends

Jewelry: necklace with the symbol of the Map to guide your steps in your everyday life.

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