A career with purpose!
A 9-month integrative program with online live classes weekly, support material with online course, books, resources.. providing a certification and License as DHARMI Method Facilitator - expert holistic life coach


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Guidance along your journey

Immersion - Consultations

Consultations 30min en français d’evaluation et alignement cliquez ici 

A 2-Month Journey – Healing, Self-Discovery, Manifestation.  An integrative program offered online to guide you through a transformative experience.

The Immersion offers a unique mindful way to navigate life transitions with compassion, clarity and confidence. Whether you are passing through a personal or professional transition, we are here to facilitate your journey.  We offer a guidance using maps of orientation to provide a clear direction that will suit your needs.


Christelle Chopard, Founder of the DHARMI® Method, offers her Signature Program as well as tailored programs that she designs to suits your needs and intention of the moment.

Facilitator training

A career with purpose.
Join our mindful growing community of Facilitators and Coach supporting people to navigate life transitions with clarity, compassion and confidence.

The Maps and DHARMI Method is a unique modality based on the five elements, ancestral wisdom, science and innovative coaching principles. This approach has been used effectively and proven in the fields of: health coaching – relationship coaching – career coaching – life transitions coaching. The course includes teachings, peer-practices, internship, supervision and support for the setup of your own business.

A 3-Month Facilitator LifeCoach Training available LIVE Online classes and support.

Our next program begins 5th of September 2020 

Immerself yourself



A co-creation of 5 Elements Essential Oils formulated by Nelly Grosjean, Biossentiel, inspired by Christelle Chopard, DHARMI® Method.
5 Elements Spray used in spaces, and 5 Elements biosynergy (BBS) that can be used internally and in friction for balance and wellbeing.

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Malas & Visualization Cards

A Mala is a string of prayer beads that supports the integration of the frequency of a mantra, an affirmation or intention.
We offer five malas with specific properties based on each of the five dharmic elements.
Visualization Cards of the Vortex of Energy and the Five Elements support balance and wellbeing for yourself, and magnetize your space.


Vortex Meditation

A Journey of Healing, Self-Discovery & Connectedness.

An active meditation to support:

healing of chronic symptoms
balance the chakras
strengthen magnetic field and vital energy
support the alignment of your frequency with your intention
release stress
rekindle the five bodies: spirit, mind, biorhythm, emotions, body.
enhance spiritual development, connection

The practices are aligned honoring the moon cycles, the seasons, the location and your intention. The meditation is based on the five elements, the four cardinal directions, the seven tonalities, sacred geometry, qigong, the law of attraction and power of intention.

Teachings self-study


A trilogy is available on Amazon offering practical tools to navigate life transitions based on the five elements and ancestral wisdom. A Journey of healing, self-discovery and manifestation.

Online Courses

A series of online courses are available on PacaOM:
– Five elements for well-being and happiness
– GPS for your life
– Key elements for conscious communication

Articles, blog

Providing a basic understanding on how to integrate the DHARMI Method for wellbeing and to balance relationships.
Just Breathe Magazine publishes article monthly written by Christelle Chopard, founder of the DHARMI® Method.
You can also find blogs and insights directly on our website.

What Our Clients Say About Us?



I discovered the profound co-relation between my health, the stress I experience and my belief system.

Jackie Roby

Jackie Roby, DHARMI® Immersion - Professional Transition

You won’t get freedom and joy at the end.. each step has to be in the frequency of joy and freedom.

Lynda Greig

Lynda Greig,

My Truer self has awakened along the journey, in all aspects. So many emotions flowing, awakening of the person I am that was a little dormant.

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