Catch the momentum – catch the wave

When I began to study different forms of holistic consulting and healing in the early nineties, I learned to guide people through profound emotions, insights and sensations. A key aspect is to observe the momentum when the person is experiencing an emotion or sensation so she or he can receive the power and move forward with wisdom and confidence.

It is a very subtle yet powerful momentum, like catching a wave. At the beginning we miss many of those waves for not being prepared or alert enough. Sometimes we crash or resist them. With practice and dedication we can recognize the signs and be aligned to catch those momentums and follow the opportunities that are set on our paths.

Managing stress requires alertness and practice to catch the momentum. In the DHARMI® Method we consider five key momentums we can learn to recognize and manage before it cause too much pressure or stress in our lives.

Earth Element:  It is when you receive a sign related to your health, resources or any aspect in your foundation. This is a call to organize your time, space and life with dedication.

Water Element:  It is when you notice emotional imbalance that reminds you to take in consideration the emotional intelligence, the intuition and sense of togetherness in your relationships.

Fire Element: Some people would procrastinate while others have the tendency to take over. When is the good time to take action. Being attentive to your feelings, to use your talents and to take leadership with warmth and charisma.

Air Element: Our thoughts can take us to places that are very unhealthy when we are not alert or focus on what really matters. Reflection is key for a clear mind, communication and direction.

Ether Element:  When we loose faith or hope it is time to reconsider our spiritual path and believes.

When you are attentive to the momentums you are more likely to balance the stress level into your life.

Christelle Chopard

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