Complete cycles with mindfulness

We are a few weeks away from the completion of the year 2015- It is a beautiful time to reflect, clarify and complete cycles prior to engaging into new ones.

Many times we focus on the new resolutions, yet we may forget that the completion of cycles with clarity is an important step to prepare a healthy soil where to plant a new seed.

As always, I take in consideration the Five Elements in the Map to guide you through your journey with mindfulness and clarity.

In the Earth Element you can take in consideration any aspects that are important to complete and take care of in your health, clearing your home, organizing your time and space, clarifying your accounting and resources. It is a good time to evaluate your resources what works and what doesn’t work for you at this time of your life.

You may have created new friendships, and relationships this year. You may have lost friends, family members. You may have changed your way to relate with yourself and others, honoring your emotional intelligence and sensibility. You may be sad, happy, at peace or angry. This is when the water element comes in consideration. Have you been channeling your emotions creatively?

The Fire element is reflected in your motivation and action. You may have followed your inspirations and acted in alignment with your resolutions. Maybe you have been distracted or noticed a lack of confidence. Or you have been motivated and confident enough to lead your actions honoring your intention.

In the Air you will bring attention to your thoughts and perspective. You can observe what new you have learned this year, if you have been intellectually active.You may have noticed that your mind is very scattered. You may have trained your mind with focus and clarity through meditation and breathing practices.

When you notice the wonders and surprises that have unveiled you take in consideration the Ether. It is the space where all the elements are integrated. It is also the space of destiny, honoring your higher purpose and your own true path. Do you have faith and believe in yourself, in your path, or do you doubt and resist your destiny. We are all connected, walking the path together. We all have our own rhythm, our own role on this big picture. At this point you may be more aware of a new step on your journey, clarifying your higher purpose.

Your experiences (karma) lead you to a space of integration with wisdom and rightfulness (dharma).  It is a time for acceptance, compassion and gratitude to complete cycles and move forward blissfully.

I wish you happy holidays!

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