Creating Spaces For Healing & Meditation

Honoring Mother Earth

Picture Credit: KZ Architecture – Pavilion of Peace for Mines to Vines project – consultant 5 elements nature in the project Christelle Chopard

There are sites all around the world that are recognized as powerful vortexes of energy. When we visit those locations we experience a profound sensation of alignment and connection to the source. Most sacred sites are located on Ley lines, which are the energy lines of the planet.

We find the presence of the five elements and sacred geometry in architecture, temples, pyramids, and in sacred spaces for healing and alignment of the energy. 

Mother Earth is nurturing us and all living beings. She is source of life, the provider of all our resources necessary to life, to grow, to thrive. Yet, it has been hurt by human kind in many destructive ways.

Worldwide, we find indigenous and tribe leaders who are honoring mother earth and all five elements of nature in a respectful way. All cultures and ancestral wisdom teaches us the importance of ceremonies, asking permission to the earth before cutting any trees. The constructions are aligned with their intentions and with the environment. They remind us to be thankful for all the resources we receive everyday providing us with the air we breathe, the light that uplifts us, the water that nurtures us, and the earth that supports us

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May all beings live in peace and happiness. 

Christelle Chopard

– Five elements for self- and project-development expert consultant

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