Healing and the elements

Considering the Five Elements within and around us through the healing journey.

There is a lot we can learn from our injuries or ailments. DHARMI® Holistic Healing consists of a mindful process through the five bodies, supporting you to clarify the root of a stress, to make an internal shift and heal with mindfulness and integrity.

The main purpose is to access the potential, light, vital energy that has been repressed behind the stress or ailment. When you tie to this source of energy within and accept to open your whole being to it’s healing potential you access new levels of consciousness. 

A physical pain reflects automatically on the emotional body and energetic body with a response mechanism. Such a pain triggers the central nervous system. The mind receives an alarm.

We have the choice to try to deny or stop the alarm without considering the cause of the alarm. Or we can look at what triggered the alarm and take care of the whole aspect that is related with that physical pain.

In 85% of the cases physical pain or accident are directly related with some shifts at other levels. It can be emotional transition, change of career, move in a new location, new mindset and interests, stress in a relationship.

When the feet are affected, it usually is directly related to your roots and basic changes in your foundation, resources, home or family.

When the knees are affected it can be related to deep fears related to childhood traumas or instability in your base and structure.

When the right side of the body is affected it relates mostly to new steps, career aspects, transitions. When the left side of the body is affected it relates mainly to the creative, intuitive, emotional aspect. Stomach issues can reflect emotional stress that is calling for attention, a difficulty to  release, channel or contain emotions.

Upper back relates mainly to responsibilities that you hold onto and keep carrying on even if it may be time to let it go. It is a reflection of a big backpack that is too heavy for your shoulders. Also, it can reflect that you give in your own strength and desires to carry on external expectations. It all depends of which element is imbalanced. 

As the Five Elements are clearly manifested in your physical body, we can clarify if the imbalance reflects an emotional stress or attachment in a specific area of your life. Maybe it is an imbalance in the intensity of your actions or insecurities in a specific aspect at this time of your life. Maybe it reflects a personal need that hasn’t been listened to and now is calling for care and attention.

The DHARMI Map guides you through your inner labyrinth to clarify the co-relations with the elements within and around you_ how your personal wellbeing is influenced by and influence other aspects of your life. This guidance supports a mindful compassionate healing journey.

Peace and Clarity,

Christelle Chopard

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