Key elements to nurture healthy relationships

Last month we focused on nurturing a healthy lifestyle, giving space for a healthy ground and foundation. Today, I invite you to consider the different aspects of your relationships.

The relationship with yourself includes: with your thoughts and the air you breathe, your inspirations and feelings, your emotions, your body, AND your path.

The relationship with your surroundings includes: with your family, your friends, cultural and social environment, professional, spiritual, and community

Conflict or the sensation of being stuck in a relationship is one of the main causes of stress. It is an opportunity to listen to your emotional body. Observe the ways you respond, relate, and channel your emotions. Discover what this relationship or situation is triggering within you.

Emotions flow, freeze, evaporate, get stagnant sometimes, and then move again; just like water. I believe that every emotion exists for a reason. I do not think about emotions as good/bad, or positive/negative. Emotions are directly linked to your vital energy. What make them positive or negative are your personal perspectives and the way you approach them. We support you to channel your emotions wisely, consciously, and with intention.

Many times we respond from our emotional memory, even if it is not directly related to the present situation. Emotions and reactions may be triggered by a word, a thought, a smell, or a piece of music. Often, we respond from our pain body, past experiences, and belief systems, losing connection with the reality of the moment.

How can we clear the water? Through a clear communication in our relationships; releasing attachments or resistance to channel our emotions wisely; through a balanced diet, drinking clean water to flush our system from impurities or toxins.

The emotional memory is stored in the limbic system, and other fundamentals in the flow of emotions. It influences us in our day-to-day relationships, perceptions and decisions.

With mindfulness and direction, you can clear stress, and heal wounds that may influence your reactions and approach to relationships. Through this process, you will find your way to channel your emotions with intention, harmony and direction.

Healthy relationships are the key to happiness. This doesn’t have to mean being married or having many friends. This means having a healthy, good quality relationship with yourself, your loved ones, and your surroundings.

Christelle Chopard

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