Many ways, many forms _ becoming one.


When I was looking for a direction, and purpose, I began to explore different ways and approaches that could support me to find balance, and clarify my vision.

When I studied the Grinberg Method in 1991, I learned specific disciplines to center myself daily, this has been a strong foundation that was supporting me to center myself and stay on my path. I noticed that discipline, reflection and a regular spiritual practice is as important as food, water, exercise, breath; if we like to stay healthy, find balance, be energized and clear minded.

Through daily activities, encounters, and experiences, our energy begins to be scattered. We become reactive, we may over extend ourselves, we may loose ourselves or experience stress. We continue to accumulate pressure and attachments day by day.

My experiences of QiGong in China, and other countries, brought me strength and clarity, empowering my vital energy. Tai Chi was similar in some of the benefits, yet the movement was like a dance inviting me to awaken new sensations, access inner potentials, and open to a harmonious flow.

Studies of Buddhism and Hinduism during my travels in India, China, Thailandia e Indonesia, brought insightful and enlightening knowledge into my life.

I learned about the kalachakra (Tibetan mandala), the Medicine wheel and cross of the Andes (shamanic mandalas), as well as other forms of mandalas, including the practice that has developed the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung.

In Asia and South America I practiced sacred dances healing and balancing my feminine energy. The journey through those practices has been beautiful and inspiring, healing traumas and unveiling my creative energy.

The practice of Yoga is giving me a sense of oneness, integrity. Dharmi-Yoga supports the integration and alignment in the five bodies, considering the physical, emotional, energetic, breath/mind and spiritual aspect through the flow of the practice.

When I lived in Americas (south, central, and north), I had the opportunity to share experiences and learn different approach to shamanism. I explored diverse path in Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Chile, .. experiencing lineage such as quechua, aumatas, lakotas, condor blanco, .. During some rituals, we invoke the 7 directions, which includes the five bodies that I have mentioned above. These practices, together with other visualizations and chants have been key in my quest to clarify the Portal that leads us through the Dharmi Map of Transcendence.

It is during a time of research on sacred geometry and learning from the teaching of Drunvalo Melchizedech that I traveled to Egypt, exploring the pyramids, as well as the valley of the king and the queens in Luxor.

The power of intention and their reflection on the water, how Dr Masaru Emoto shows it clearly through his research, is a fundamental aspect to take in consideration through our day. Yet, we can be taken away from our beautiful intention, when the children are screaming, the boss is in a bad mood, traffic is intense, bills are coming, .. When we come back to our space of reflection, and meditation, we can clarify our intention of the moment and align ourselves with this vibration. All in life is about vibration.

There are many inspiring forms, teachings and ways, all of them bringing great benefits into my life. I did participate to some training to have a deeper understanding, and to be able to teach many of them. Yet, it was no time to fit them all in my schedule. We still need to have time for our lives, for sharing quality time with our loved ones, for work, for evolution, ..

Many people choose to do an intensive weekend or retreat, and then come back to their daily lives, with no time and space for the continuation of their practice/discipline. This cause a gap and stress between them and themselves.

I noticed that all those approaches, philosophies and disciplines are related. How could I include: meditation, qigong, shamanism, considering the five bodies, seven dimensions, the chakras, dantien, sacred geometry, … in one practice that I can practice regularly, and include in my routine.

The Vortex of Energy Meditation, is an active meditation that supports your wellbeing, balance, uplifts your vibrations and brings you to a state of Bliss.

This practice can last from 20min upto 1 hour, depending of how much time you have, and the form you choose to practice that day.

There are four forms to support the completion of cycles and empowerment of a new intention, vision.

  1. The clearing form that you will do when you need to release stress and to center yourself.
  2. The centering form that you can practice when you like to align yourself with a clear intention.
  3. The form of empowerment, which you will practice when you need more confidence, and energy.
  4. Another centering form, which supports you to be; to welcome this new frequency with integrity.

Peace & Vision,

Christelle Chopard
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