Mother earth and the elements

Life is like a pilgrimage, it is about the journey, the way we navigate life transitions, relationships, experiences. The month of May is a symbolic time for all Mothers, including Mother Earth. The role of a mother requires constant care, nurturing, healing, dedication and surrender. Mother’s Day is coming in a few days. A time to celebrate Life. There is no life without mothers, and all we have is life. 

When we observe mother earth, we see constant transition. All the Elements are present for a balanced and abundant evolution. Co-creation is manifested in the Element of Earth. It is the space and energy of conception. It is where life begins and where the first steps are made. In this Element a child develops the main survival instincts, receiving their first meals, taking their first steps, learning their first words. Mother Earth supports us, nurtures us, provides the resources we all need to survive. 

Mother Earth teaches us about the importance of the Water Element as source of life. Every particle of Water is a particle of life. Water flows in so many ways and forms. It is an element that can be channeled with clarity. The power of emotions can appear in our thoughts as a harmonious river, a cloud, a storm, a peaceful ocean, or as a tsunami. Containing this Element requires skill and constant clarification, purifying, and cleansing of the water moving through the cycles of life. 

The Sun brings warmth and a call for action. It is the Element of Fire that lifts us up and inspires us. It is the teenager who is seeking his or her identity. This Element is exposed and brings light to all that is. This experience can become competitive in some circumstances. It is the development of character traits and sense of personality. The Fire Element reminds us of our hearts desires and inspires us to follow our dreams with love, compassion and dedication. 

The Element of Air is fundamental for clarity and direction, like the wind clearing the clouds in the sky. The wind and the air move constantly, like the breath for good health and a clear mind.  It provides space for reflection, for the breeze to pass. A sense of reflection combined with communication skills supports clarification in relationships. We all have a different way of looking at life, we have different expectations and interests. This Elements reminds us to believe in ourselves and to open our mind to different perspectives.  All can be harmonious when our perspective is based on healthy values, expressed with respect and compassion.

The Ether is like the Atmosphere. It supports all the Elements keeping them contained and connected. It is like a vortex that protects the space of every family member, as well as a bigger Vortex that keeps them all connected, above time and distance. Space is fundamental for harmonious relationships. Honoring the space of everyone is empowering and provides a strong sense of connection.

Christelle Chopard

Founder DHARMI® Method

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