Unwrapping Spiritual Gifts Through The Holidays

Unwrapping your inner gifts through the holidays 

The holidays are a perfect time for the integration of the many gifts we receive and share.

Gifts can be interpreted in many ways. It doesn’t always have to be in a material manifestation. Sharing quality times with our loved ones through the holidays is a gift. 

Each breath is a gift, our heart beats are gifts and inspirations to lighten up, our relations are gifts.. 

We consider also the inner potentials, characteristics, values and talents that we can awaken and nurture in our daily lives: our inner-gifts. We are all aware of the importance to feel good, to find balance and to create a healthy happy quality of life. 

What do you wish for?

There are many gifts we may wish for. The integration of all Five Elements will bring a sense of integrity and fulfillment. 

In the Earth Element is a present in a material, physical manifestation. In the Water you share an emotional connection. The Fire brings a spark of inspiration while the Air brings a mindful experience with books or another thoughtful exchange. The Ether connects them all and gives space for a spiritual connection, a sacred offering. 

A person who chose to receive a dharmic guidance on her birthday earlier this year shared that it was as if she was unwrapping a special unique beautiful gift within her. It is a gift that is now part of her daily life. She can share that spark with people around her along the journey. 

Explore your inner gifts

I invite you to take a few minutes of reflection and to write down what are your main gifts and potentials. If it is difficult for you to find, you may ask some of your best friends to share what are the main qualities they see in you. There is also the option to receive a dharmic guidance for a clear introspection.

Is the gift covered, wrapped up, repressed or simply calling for attention? 

Some of our gifts have been wrapped with so many layers that it may take time to access them. We may have covered them as a protection response mechanism after traumatic life experiences. 

Some of our gifts have been hidden deep inside for different reasons. Maybe we had to focus on other priorities. Yet, it is not far away.. 

When you have some more clarity, you will write if any thoughts or beliefs shadow the awakening of that potential in you. Describe how the gift is wrapped and gently begin to unwrap it with compassion, clearing those beliefs or any resistance you may notice. You can then describe the gift and find a positive affirmation that will support it to shine. 


Some of us haven’t learned to use our gifts wisely. It is as if we received a bright light, it may blind us and others instead of shining at an intensity that will be comforting and clearing path for everyone.


Sharing our gifts is a generous act. Learning to use them wisely is a skill we develop through life experiences.

Our gifts are meant to shine. The more we use our potentials with positive intention, the better we feel and the more we can share. 

Sharing quality times with loved ones, sharing our gifts in our expression, in our relationships, in our actions and communication.. it all adds a spark in our lives. It becomes contagious, it inspires others. We can celebrate and shine all together.


When we are in tune with our gifts we are all artists in our own ways. We manifest our inspirations and support other’s.

With dedication we can develop skills and manifest projects that will give us the opportunity to use our potentials with positive intention.

Life is a journey. When we walk with mindfulness and heart-fulness it leads us closer to the light, to the essence.   

May your transition into the new year be a graceful and blissful experience. 

Before the end of the year, you may want to take a few minutes to review what you have learned, what is wise to let go and what are the main aspects that you wish to nurture. 

Breathing in a clear intention. Breathing out what is time to let go with compassion and gratitude. Breathing in the nurturing light… 

A Dharmic Journey, based on the DHARMI® Method, guides you to release attachments (Karma) and to unveil your gifts with compassion, walking a path of truthfulness (Dharma).

In the first few days of the new year, you may want to take a few minutes to visualize your intention and how it can manifest into your life. You can create a vision board in your mind or in a physical manifestation. 

Breathing in love and light. Breathing out visualizing the manifestation of your intention in your lifestyle and environment. Breathe with intention, giving space to attract abundance along your path.  

May the holiday season be filled with beautiful gifts leading you to a happy blissful state of being. 


Christelle Chopard

PS: Special Gifts ideas to support the awakening of new gifts along the way:

Picture by: blog.sunflowerteeth.com

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