Gift of gratitude

Gratitude is a state of being. When we are thankful, we feel a vibration of relief and nurturing energy. Gratitude allows us to give, share, receive and embrace our experiences.

For an integrative experience we can bring gratitude in all Five Elements.


In the Earth Element, we remember to be grateful for the body and health we have. We appreciate the land we live on, the home we live in, the material resources we have access to. We are thankful for the food we eat and the family we have; may it be a blood family or spiritual family. Thanksgiving reminds you to not take for granted what you have and to care for your foundation.

In the Water Element we consider our emotional relationships. We are thankful for the emotional support we receive and we can share with others. We appreciate the friendships and bonds that we have created with people we care for, and people who care for us as well. Thank’s giving reminds you to value and nurture your relationships.


In the Fire Element we consider our expression, our actions that reflect positive intention and purpose. We take in consideration the sense of responsibility and the confidence, expertise we have developed in any specific area. It is a healthy ego which we can express with warmth and compassion. Thanksgiving reminds us to shine and uplift the inspiration within and around us.


In the Air Element we consider our knowledge and vision. We are mindful of our thoughts and the way we lead our mind. We observe our breath and speak our truth with clarity. We set free from core beliefs, judgements or expectations. Thanksgiving reminds us to breathe, to give space for reflection and clarification.


In the Ether Element we integrate all aspects and are grateful for the world we live in. We enter in a space of acceptance and gratitude that is above any expectations, towards ourselves, our community, our planet and universe. It is a spiritual state of Agape.
A regular practice of gratitude has a healing and nurturing effect within and around us. Through gratitude we make peace with who we are, so that we can flow with more ease and confidence.

Gratitude is a wonderful Gift you can experience, share and give unconditionally.

Christelle Chopard

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