Insightful transition & invitation

The only constant in life is change. With life experiences we learn to surf some waves, which lead us to discover new waves and ways.

The manifestation of a dream unveils new dreams, like an endless journey of discoveries.

We discover more about ourselves, our main characteristics and purpose which gets stronger as we grow.

Moving out of comfort zone that is inhibiting your evolution requires courage and compassion.

Moving forward on your journey honoring the comfort zone that is fully aligned with your true essence and life path takes courage, dedication and compassion.

I arrived in Miami, Fl, fourteen years ago after the suggestion from a chaman from Holland and a chaman from Chile. I came to try to integrate my teachings and life experiences in a clear, rational way while reinserting myself in the society.

Before my arrival in Florida, I spent almost ten years exploring different methodologies for healing, cultures and traditions through Asia, Australia, South and Central America. During that time I was offering my services as a healer, consultant, holistic coach in private consultations, conferences and seminars in all the different places I was traveling to. Actually, I left Switzerland in 1994 thinking that I would do a short 2-3 months travel experience. The first part of the travel took 3 years just because I wanted to be present for the fiftiest birthday of my Mother in 1997. After a few beautiful months of connections with family, friends and even a wonderful loving boyfriend_ A strong whisper showed me the direction towards South America for a journey that lasted again a few more years. It is in 2003-2004 that I was exploring the options on settling a home base somewhere, somehow.

The reinsertion in the society, into a new culture and foreign language has been a beautiful journey.

I have learned the process on how to open a company, how to get working visa. As I have limited resources I did a lot of research myself to develop a lucrative business aligned with my personal mission, while honoring healthy values and good quality life.

For a few years I enjoyed the beautiful Florida quality life my own way, sharing times with friends at the beach, learning kitesurfing and following the winds and waves for a few seasons. We fell in and out of love. We cultivated friendships that are so meaningful to me. We developed relationships in different ways, learning more about people and about myself through those insightful experiences.

So many beautiful people crossed my path as if they were sent by guardian angels. Many of you who are reading those lines are part of it. I feel blessed and thankful.

I first opened MYSTIC which has been a big learning curve for me. Then I dedicated more the attention to the services rather than the business part behind it. As a holistic coach, healer and consultant I am always eager to keep learning. I added some other trainings in my curriculum during my time in Florida with craniosacral therapy, handwriting expert, yoga, qigong, ..

In 2008 I opened a new company dba. DHARMI® Institute, founded the Method, Yoga School and Yoga-Water®. I published five books based on the trilogy and how to integrate nature’s wisdom in your daily life. I had the chance to meet and to work with many people from different cultures while being in one place.

It has been a time to ground myself and to create a home base. Which I guess was greatly needed for my personal balance after travels without any formal residency for so many years.

Even while having a home base in Florida, I continued to travel regularly to explore other cultures and places like Egypt, kitesurfing trips in Peru, Ecuador, Brasil, pilgrimage at El Camino de Santiago, Israel, beautiful National Parks around the country, and frequent returns to my beautiful Switzerland.

After the completion of the last book of the trilogy, I have been feeling that it is time to move on. It is time to spread the word.

After my last travel in Switzerland I felt quite anxious about it, feeling some hesitation about timing. I have been preparing many Maps to clarify my position, intention and direction. Yet it was still missing a few points.

During my last travel in Costa Rica, things became more clear and the whisper became louder. I felt my heart open with a beautiful green light, giving me the strength and confidence to follow the whisper.

Since my return to Florida, many signs continue to clarify the path.

The eclipse has been a symbolic time to meditate and visualize the transition. The passage of the hurricane Irma brought more insights.

After the passage of Irma, I drove and walk along a few streets to see how some friends who were disconnected from phone/electricity were doing. Along the way, I founded a wounded duck that I drove to a veterinarian.

Somehow I felt very moved by this encounter with the duck and chose to read about the meaning of the animal totem:

“You have the resources to navigate your life! Be that mentor, guide or interpreter for others! Share your knowledge and have faith in your own abilities.  -Duck”

You are being asked to take notice of your surroundings because a new opportunity is now being offered to you. She is reminding you that in order to succeed with this opportunity you will have to move forward swiftly so that your new ideas can take flight. Duck is making it very clear that in order to be successful with your aspirations you have to move now!”

As exciting as it may sound, I am making a new leap of faith and I hope it inspires You to do Yours as well.

Today, 22 September with the Fall Equinox (Spring Equinox for the southern hemisphere), is a symbolic time for transitions to let go of attachments and to unveil new opportunities on your journey.

It is crescent waxing Moon which is a time for growth, for affirmation and dedication.

For those of you who are familiar with the Vortex of Energy Meditation and with the creation of your Maps for a Mindful Insightful Journey, it is the opportunity for all of us to connect, to clarify and empower our Positive Loving Intentions, so we can all do a Leap of Faith in the Fall.

Surrender to Your Heart’s Guidance dear 🙂

Open your wings to fly free towards the core essence of your true nature.

With Love & Wisdom,


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