Key elements for a healthy lifestyle

Whether at home, in your daily routine, or in the office, a holistic and integrated approach to your life is possible.

The key is proper organization and discipline, with enough flexibility to allow you to grow.

Certain elements are essential for balancing your wellbeing. When your lifestyle is out of balance, you will receive signs that manifest physically, and emotionally.

Do you have insomnia or unhealthy sleeping patterns?

Element-Earth: Eating only a light meal in the evening is best to facilitate a good night sleep. A herbal tea, soft music, and harmonious energy surrounding you will support you to surrender to the night. If many thoughts, and worries are keeping you awake, you can write them down, to clarify your mind.

Falling asleep before midnight provides a more profound nurturing time in your sleep.

Do you experience stress in relationship with your body and nutrition?

Element-Water: It is not only the food you eat that affects your health, but also your relationship with the food. If you feel guilty or stressed when you eat, this will affect directly the integration of the nutrition in your body. When you care for your body, you listen to your needs, and to your limits in regard to the food, the music, and stress you may cause to it.

Do you lack motivation to move, or find good excuses not to exercise?

Element-Fire: I suggest you to incorporate exercise that fits your needs; and movements that respond to your bioenergy rhythm to vibrantly uplift your energy.

Do you have difficulty breathing? Are your thoughts often distressing?

Element-Air: Learning some practice of meditation, and pranayamas (breathing techniques) will help you clarify your mind.

Our breathing patterns are directly related to the way we deal with stress and life’s circumstances.

Is there a specific aspect of your life or health that are difficult for you to accept or deal with?

Element-Ether: Some aspects of our life are not within our control. Yet, we can learn to practice acceptance and continue living our lives with compassion, harmony and inspiration.

A healthy foundation allows us to support the manifestation of our inspirations and dreams.

When we rest well, eat well, move well, and breathe well, we notice how wonderful it feels to feel good!

Christelle Chopard

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