Key elements for a healthy back & posture

If we are too tight we begin to feel back pain. If we are too loose we will feel back pain also. Balancing the intensity of stress on your back and into your life is fundamental for a healthy body.

Here are Five Elements for a healthy back and good posture, based on the DHARMI® Method and DHARMI-YOGA®.

Element of Earth: Strong foundation

.. honoring your space and time, having a good foundation and making smart choices on how and where you sit, stand, lay down, do exercise. Many people have sciatica or lower back pain mainly because there are sitting too many hours in a way that is hurtful to her or his body. Sitting on a chair or sofa while making sure that your hip is the level or slightly higher than your knees will create a good foundation. Crossing legs can cause sciatica and affect your lower back. I recommend you to uncross your legs when you watch tv, sit at a desk, or sit during your meals.

Element of Water: Flow and flexibility

.. this means honoring a healthy diet and being sensitive to your emotional boundaries. This area is reflected physically in your abdominal belt. Strengthening your abdominals with proper exercises help supporting your back. You can create a healthy level of flexibility with a practice of some gentle twists and moves like waves to release tightness along the spine. This will open for a better blood circulation along your back.

Element of Fire: Confidence and Uplifting

.. this is the element of confidence and motivation. In the physical body it means that your chest is open and expansive. When the self-esteem is low, we may have a reflex to hide, a moment of depression makes us close the chest and fall. Staying pro-active and doing cardiovascular exercises regularly helps lifting you up and giving you a boost of energy. It is healthy for the muscles of your heart and inspires you to stand up tall.

Element of Air: Mindfulness and Breath

.. this element is directly related to mindfulness and the way we direct our thoughts. Physically it relates with the Breath. When we breathe deeply, our chest and back opens. Breathing techniques (Pranayama in sanskrit) will relief stress. It brings flow and strength along your spine. The breath is linked with the central nervous system that pass through the whole spine and affects our whole being.

Element of Ether: Connection and Oneness

.. In this element we take in consideration all of the aspects mentioned above, as well as the body type of the person. We all have different challenges to face in our posture and life. A daily meditation practice helps center and aligning ourselves_ and from that space can we stand tall, and experience strength, ease, stillness.

Combining all Elements is a holistic approach for a healthy back and good posture physically and into your everyday life.

Christelle Chopard

Expert in holistic stress management, self- and professional-development

DHARMI® Method


E-RYT500, C-IAYT, Hatha Yoga, LDYT


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